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    • Parallel construction of wavelet trees on multicore architectures 

      Fuentes Sepúlveda, José; Elejalde, Erick; Ferres, Leo; Seco, Diego (Springer U K, 2016-10-05)
      [Abstract] The wavelet tree has become a very useful data structure to efficiently represent and query large volumes of data in many different domains, from bioinformatics to geographic information systems. One problem ...
    • Towards a non-functional requirements discovery approach for persuasive systems 

      Condori-Fernandez, Nelly; Araujo, Joao; Catala, Alejandro; Lago, Patricia (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-03-30)
      [Abstract] A number of software systems that attempt to help people achieve behavior change have been proposed in various domains such as health and wellness. However, sometimes, such systems have failed to provide a ...
    • Universal indexes for highly repetitive document collections 

      Claude, Francisco; Fariña, Antonio; Martínez Prieto, Miguel A.; Navarro, Gonzalo (Elsevier Ltd, 2016-11)
      [Abstract] Indexing highly repetitive collections has become a relevant problem with the emergence of large repositories of versioned documents, among other applications. These collections may reach huge sizes, but are ...