Recent Submissions

  • Thermal Parameter and State Estimation for Digital Twins of E-Powertrain Components 

    Rodríguez Frade, Borja; Sanjurjo, Emilio; Tranchero, Mauricio; Romano, Claudio; González Varela, Francisco Javier (IEEEAccess, 2021-07)
    Abstract: The performance of powertrain components in electric vehicles is tightly intertwined with their thermal behavior. In practical applications, their temperature must be monitored and kept below certain thresholds ...
  • Load assessment and analysis of impacts in multibody systems 

    González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József; Font-Llagunes, Josep M. (2016-09)
    [Abstract] The evaluation of contact forces during an impact requires the use of continuous force based methods. An accurate prediction of the impact force demands the identification of the contact parameters on a case-by-case ...
  • Lower Back Injury Prevention and Sensitization of Hip Hinge with Neutral Spine Using Wearable Sensors during Lifting Exercises 

    Michaud, Florian; Pérez Soto, Manuel; Lugris-Armesto, Urbano; Cuadrado, Javier (MDPI, 2021-08)
    Abstract: The popularization and industrialization of fitness over the past decade, with the rise of big box gyms and group classes, has reduced the quality of the basic formation and assessment of practitioners, which ...
  • Performance indicators for wheeled robots traversing obstacles 

    Nowac, William; González Varela, Francisco Javier; MacMahon, Sadhbh; Kövecses, József (2020-04)
    [Abstract] An important element of wheeled robot operations on uneven and unstructured terrain is the ability to overcome obstacles. In this letter, we deal with a part of this obstacle negotiation problem. We particularly ...
  • Kinematic Modelling and State Estimation of Exploration Rovers 

    Lou, Qingfeng; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József (2019-04)
    [Abstract] State estimation is crucial for exploration rovers. It provides the pose and velocity of the rover by processing measurements from onboard sensors. Classical wheel odometry only employs encoder measurements of ...

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