Recent Submissions

  • Comparison of several muscle modeling alternatives for computationally intensive algorithms in human motion dynamics 

    Lamas, Mario; Mouzo, Francisco; Michaud, Florian; Lugrís-Armesto, Urbano; Cuadrado, Javier (Springer, 2022-04-05)
    [Abstract] Several approaches are currently employed to address the predictive simulation of human motion, having in common their high computational demand. Muscle modeling seems to be an essential ingredient to provide ...
  • Effect of gravity in wheel/terrain interaction models 

    Kovács, László L.; Ghotbi, Bahareh; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Niksirat, Parna; Skonieczny, Krzysztof; Kövecses, József (2020)
    [Abstract] Predicting the motion of wheeled robots in unstructured environments is an important and challenging problem. The study of planetary exploration rovers on soft terrain introduces the additional need to consider ...
  • Model-based coupling for co-simulation of robotic contact tasks 

    Peiret, Albert; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József; Teichmann, Marek; Enzenhoefer, Andreas (IEEE, 2020-10)
    [Abstract] Co-simulation of complex robotic systems allows the different components to be modelled and simulated independently using methods and tools tailored to their nature and time-scale, which makes the implementation ...
  • Roll Angle Estimation of a Motorcycle through Inertial Measurements 

    Maceira Muiños, Diego; Luaces, Alberto; Lugrís-Armesto, Urbano; Naya, Miguel A.; Sanjurjo, Emilio (MDPI, 2021-10)
    [Abstract] Currently, the interest in creating autonomous driving vehicles and progressively more sophisticated active safety systems is growing enormously, being a prevailing importance factor for the end user when choosing ...
  • Use of performance indicators in the analysis of running gait impacts 

    Pàmies-Vilà, Rosa; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József; Font-Llagunes, Josep M. (2018)
    [Summary] Foot-ground impact is a critical event during the running cycle. In this work, three performance indicators were used to characterize foot-ground impact intensity: the effective preimpact kinetic energy, ...

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