Recent Submissions

  • Model-based coupling for co-simulation of robotic contact tasks 

    Peiret, Albert; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József; Teichmann, Marek; Enzenhoefer, Andreas (IEEE, 2020-10)
    [Abstract] Co-simulation of complex robotic systems allows the different components to be modelled and simulated independently using methods and tools tailored to their nature and time-scale, which makes the implementation ...
  • Roll Angle Estimation of a Motorcycle through Inertial Measurements 

    Maceira Muiños, Diego; Luaces, Alberto; Lugris-Armesto, Urbano; Naya, Miguel A.; Sanjurjo, Emilio (MDPI, 2021-10)
    Abstract: Currently, the interest in creating autonomous driving vehicles and progressively more sophisticated active safety systems is growing enormously, being a prevailing importance factor for the end user when choosing ...
  • Use of performance indicators in the analysis of running gait impacts 

    Pàmies-Vilà, Rosa; González Varela, Francisco Javier; Kövecses, József; Font-Llagunes, Josep M. (2018)
    [Summary] Foot-ground impact is a critical event during the running cycle. In this work, three performance indicators were used to characterize foot-ground impact intensity: the effective preimpact kinetic energy, ...
  • Editorial of Special Issue Combining Sensors and Multibody Models for Applications in Vehicles, Machines, Robots and Humans 

    Cuadrado, Javier; Naya, Miguel A. (MDPI, 2021-09)
    [Abstract] The combination of physical sensors and computational models to provide additional information about system states, inputs and/or parameters, in what is known as virtual sensing, is becoming more and more popular ...
  • Multibody-Based Input and State Observers Using Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter 

    Rodríguez, Antonio J.; Sanjurjo, Emilio; Pastorino, Roland; Naya, Miguel A. (MDPI, 2021-08)
    [Abstract] The aim of this work is to explore the suitability of adaptive methods for state estimators based on multibody dynamics, which present severe non-linearities. The performance of a Kalman filter relies on the ...

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