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    • Sociocultural references in context: The school story subgenre 

      Woodward-Smith, Elizabeth (The Grove, 2011)
      [Abstract]Enid Blyton's Malory Towers series belongs to a long tradition of school stories in British juvenile fiction. Her books are a rich source of cultural references about a period and a social context, and have ...
    • Eighteenth-century Didactics: Creating Stereotypes 

      Woodward-Smith, Elizabeth (Universidade da Coruña, Departamento de Didácticas Específicas, 2015)
      [Abstract]The present article deals with the stereotypical portrayal of Spain and Spaniards from the point of view of eighteenth-century English-speakers. For this purpose, the contributions published in a monthly journal ...
    • Popular Culture and Identity: Remembering British History in 2015 

      Woodward-Smith, Elizabeth (Sociedad Española de Estudios Literarios de Cultura Popular (SELICUP), 2016)
      [Abstract] Commemorative historical events provide an insight for researchers into how communities see themselves and their history, and how their identity is displayed. However, such events can involve controversy because ...
    • A legacy of waste: Reflections on literature and the environment 

      Alonso Alonso, María; Cabarcos-Traseira, María J. (London:Routledge, 2019)
    • Women Artists and Activism in Ellen Clayton's "English Female Artists" (1876) 

      Lasa-Álvarez, Begoña (Sociedad Española de Estudios Literarios de Cultura Popular SELICUP, 2020)
      [Abstract] In her biographical compilation English Female Artists (1876), Ellen Clayton documented the lives of many talented and hard-working women as a means of bringing to light and celebrating their role in the history ...
    • Representations of the New Woman in "The Irish Times" and "The Weekly Irish Times". A Preliminary Approach 

      Lorenzo-Modia, María Jesús; Lasa-Álvarez, Begoña (Sociedad Española de Estudios Literarios de Cultura Popular SELICUP, 2020)
      [Abstract] This article presents a preliminary approach to the study of the images of the New Woman in the publications The Irish Times and The Weekly Irish Times at the turn of the twentieth century. From the theoretical ...
    • Introduction 

      Lorenzo-Modia, María Jesús; Barros-Grela, Eduardo; Alonso-Giráldez, J. Miguel (Sociedad Española de Estudios Literarios de Cultura Popular SELICUP, 2020)
    • Medbh McGuckian and Ecofeminist Anxiety: The Contingency of Befalling 

      Lorenzo-Modia, María Jesús (Spanish Association for Irish Studies, 2020)
      [Abstract] The present article analyses Medbh McGuckian’s “The Contingency of Befalling”, an unpublished poem dealing with present-day climate crisis from an ecofeminist stance. Arguably, the poet is part of the Northern ...
    • Young Girls on the Move in Charlotte Smith’s Didactic Miscellany Collections 

      Lasa-Álvarez, Begoña (Universidad de Valladolid, 2020)
      [Abstract] This paper analyses the didactic miscellany collections for young female readers by the English writer Charlotte Smith. In these texts, through dialogues and conversations, the young protagonists are seen to ...