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    • Diverse large HIV-1 non-subtype B clusters are spreading among men who have sex with men in Spain 

      Delgado, Elena; Benito, Sonia; Montero, Vanessa; Cuevas, María Teresa; Fernández-García, Aurora; Sánchez-Martínez, Mónica; García-Bodas, Elena; Díez-Fuertes, Francisco; Gil, Horacio; Cañada, Javier; Carrera, Cristina; Martínez-López, Jesús; Sintes, Marcos; Pérez-Álvarez, Lucía; Thomson, Michael M.; Castro-Iglesias, Ángeles (Frontiers, 2019-08-03)
      [Abstract] In Western Europe, the HIV-1 epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) is dominated by subtype B. However, recently, other genetic forms have been reported to circulate in this population, as evidenced ...
    • Molecular characterization of HIV-1 infection in Northwest Spain (2009–2013): investigation of the subtype F outbreak 

      Paraskevis, Dimitrios; Kostaki, Evangelia; Beloukas, Apostolos; Cañizares, Angelina; Aguilera, Antonio; Rodríguez, Javier; Grandal, Marta; Pernas, Berta; Castro-Iglesias, Ángeles; Mena, Álvaro; Pedreira, José D.; Poveda, Eva (Elsevier, 2014-12-16)
      [Abstract] Background. HIV-1 subtype B is the predominant one in European regions several, while other subtypes and recombinants are also circulating with high prevalence. A sub-epidemic of subtype F with specific ...