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  • Amentadione from the alga "cystoseira usneoides" as a novel osteoarthritis protective agent in an ex vivo co-culture OA model 

    Araújo, Nuna; Viegas, Carla S.B.; Zubía, Eva; Magalhaes, Joana; Ramos, Acácio; Carvalho, Maria M.; Cruz, Henrique; Sousa, Joao Paulo; Blanco García, Francisco J; Vermeer, Cees; Simes, Dina C. (MDPI, 2020-12-07)
    [Abstract] Osteoarthritis (OA) remains a prevalent chronic disease without effective prevention and treatment. Amentadione (YP), a meroditerpenoid purified from the alga Cystoseira usneoides, has demonstrated anti-inflammatory ...
  • Clinical and Neuropsychological Correlates of Prefrailty Syndrome 

    Lorenzo-López, Laura; Blanco-Fandiño, J.; Cibeira, Nuria; Buján, Ana; López-López, Rocío; Maseda, Ana; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos (Frontiers Media S.A., 2020-11-09)
    [Abstract] Physical frailty is closely associated with cognitive impairment. We aim to investigate the neuropsychological profiles of prefrail and non-frail dementia-free community-dwelling older adults using a comprehensive ...
  • Characterisation of long-term cancer survivors and application of statistical cure models: a protocol for an observational follow-up study in patients with colorectal cancer 

    Pértega-Díaz, Sonia; Balboa Barreiro, Vanesa; Seijo-Bestilleiro, Rocío; González-Martín, Cristina; Pardeiro-Pértega, Remedios; Yáñez-González-Dopeso, Loreto; García-Rodríguez, Teresa; Seoane-Pillado, Teresa (BioMed Central, 2020-11-17)
    [Abstract] Background: Improved colorectal cancer (CRC) survival rates have been reported over the last years, with more than half of these patients surviving more than 5 years after the initial diagnosis. Better understanding ...
  • What did we learn from 'omics' studies in osteoarthritis 

    Ruiz-Romero, Cristina; Rego-Pérez, Ignacio; Blanco García, Francisco J (Wolters Kluwer, 2018-01-01)
    [Abstract] Purpose of review: 'Omics' technologies developed for the massive analysis of the major biologically relevant molecules (genes, proteins, metabolites) have been applied to the study of osteoarthritis (OA) for ...
  • Is Sensory Loss an Understudied Risk Factor for Frailty? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 

    Tan, Benjamin Kye Jyn; Man, Ryan Eyn Kidd; Gan, Alfred Tau Liang; Fenwick, Eva K; Varadaraj, Varshini; Swenor, Bonnielin K.; Gupta, Preeti; Wong, Tien Yin; Trevisan, Caterina; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Schwanke, Carla Helena Augustin; Liljas, Ann; Al Snih, Soham; Tokuda, Yasuharu; Lamoureux, Ecosse Luc (Oxford Academic, 2020-07-06)
    [Abstract] Background. Age-related sensory loss and frailty are common conditions among older adults, but epidemiologic research on their possible links has been inconclusive. Clarifying this relationship is important ...

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