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  • Syncope in patients with transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy: clinical features and outcomes 

    Barge-Caballero, Gonzalo; Barge-Caballero, Eduardo; López-Pérez, Manuel; Bilbao-Quesada, Raquel; González-Babarro, Eva; Gómez-Otero, Inés; López-López, Andrea; Gutiérrez-Feijoo, Mario; Varela-Román, Alfonso; González-Juataney, Carlos; Díaz-Castro, Óscar; Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa (Taylor & Francis, 2022-03-23)
    [Abstract] Background: We aimed to describe the clinical characteristics, underlying causes and outcomes of syncope in patients with transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM). Methods: The clinical profile and ...
  • Epidemiological study of tricuspid regurgitation after cardiac transplantation: does it influence survival? 

    López-Vilella, Raquel; Paniagua-Martín, María J.; González-Vílchez, Francisco; Donoso Trenado, Víctor; Barge-Caballero, Eduardo; Sánchez-Lázaro, Ignacio; Aller Fernández, Ana Vanesa; Martínez-Dolz, Luis; Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa; Almenar-Bonet, Luis (Frontiers, 2022-03-21)
    [Abstract] Background: Tricuspid valve disease is the most frequent valvulopathy after heart transplantation (HTx). Evidence for the negative effect of post-transplant tricuspid regurgitation (TR) on survival is contradictory. ...
  • Advanced heart failure: definition, epidemiology, and clinical course 

    Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa; Barge-Caballero, Eduardo (Elsevier, 2021-07-15)
    [Abstract] Advanced heart failure (HF) is characterized by a progressive worsening of symptoms disabling for daily life, refractory to all therapies, and with high mortality. These patients may be candidates for life-prolonging ...
  • Guidance on the Management of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Supported Patients for the Non-LVAD Specialist Healthcare Provider: Executive Summary 

    Ben-Gal, Tuvia; Ben-Avraham, Binyamin; Milicic, Davor; Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa; Coats, Andrew J.S.; Rosano, Giuseppe; Seferovic, Petar; Ruschitzka, Frank; Metra, Marco; Anker, Stefan; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Altenberger, Johann; Adamopoulos, Stamatis; Barac, Yaron D.; Chioncel, Ovidiu; De Jonge, Nicolaas; Elliston, Jeremy; Frigeiro, Maria; Goncalvesova, Eva; Gotsman, Israel; Grupper, Avishai; Hamdan, Righab; Hammer, Yoav; Hasin, Tal; Hill, Loreena; Ben-Zadok, Osnat Itzhaki; Abuhazira, Miriam; Lavee, Jacob; Mullens, Wifried; Nalbantgil, Sanem; Piepoli, Massimo F.; Ponikowski, Piotr; Potena, Luciano; Ristic, Arsen; Ruhparwar, Arjang; Shaul, Aviv; Tops, Laurens F.; Tsui, Steven; Winnik, Stephan; Jaarsma, Tiny; Gustafsson, Finn (Wiley, 2021-08-18)
    [Abstract] The accepted use of left ventricular assist device (LVAD) technology as a good alternative for the treatment of patients with advanced heart failure together with the improved survival of patients on the device ...
  • Specific test panels for patients with heart failure: implementation and use in the Spanish National Health System 

    Almenar-Bonet, Luis; Blasco-Peiró, Teresa; Laiz Marro, Begoña; Camafort Babkowski, Miguel; Buño Soto, Antonio; Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa (De Gruyter, 2022-03-07)
    [Abstract] Objectives. The use of specific test panels (STP) for heart failure (HF) could help improve the management of this condition. The purpose of this study is to gain an insight into the level of implementation of ...

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