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  • Increasing NLP Parsing Efficiency with Chunking 

    Anderson, Mark Dáibhidh; Vilares, David (M D P I AG, 2018-09-19)
    [Abstract] We introduce a “Chunk-and-Pass” parsing technique influenced by a psycholinguistic model, where linguistic information is processed not word-by-word but rather in larger chunks of words. We present preliminary ...
  • On the Processing and Analysis of Microtexts: From Normalization to Semantics 

    Doval, Yerai; Vilares, David (M D P I AG, 2018-09-18)
    [Abstract] User-generated content published on microblogging social platforms constitutes an invaluable source of information for diverse purposes: health surveillance, business intelligence, political analysis, etc. We ...
  • Tratamiento sintáctico de la negación en análisis del sentimiento monolingüe y multilingüe 

    Vilares, David; Alonso, Miguel A; Gómez-Rodríguez, Carlos (2017-09-19)
    [Abstract] Dealing with negation in a proper way is a relevant factor in order to obtain high performance sentiment analysis systems. In this framework, we present a method for the treatment of negation in Spanish that ...
  • Any papyrus about "a hand over a stool and a bread loaf, followed by a boat"? Dealing with hieroglyphic texts in IR 

    Iglesias-Franjo, Estíbaliz; Vilares, Jesús (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2016-06)
    [Abstract] Digital Heritage deals with the use of computing and information technologies for the preservation and study of the human cultural legacy. Within this context, we present here a Text Retrieval system developed ...
  • TIR over Egyptian Hieroglyphs 

    Iglesias-Franjo, Estíbaliz; Vilares, Jesús (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2016-09)
    [Abstract] This work presents an Information Retrieval system specifically designed to manage Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts taking into account their peculiarities both at lexical and at encoding level for its ...

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