Recent Submissions

  • Bus with high level of service in Nantes, France: Characteristics and results of the bus way in relation to light-rail transit 

    Conles Barrera, Emilio José; Novales, Margarita; Orro, Alfonso; Anta, Javier (Sage, 2014)
    [Abstract:] This paper is intended to identify and analyze the reasons that have led the BusWay of Nantes (France) to be one of the most – if not the most – outstanding and successful cases of setting up of a BHLS system ...
  • LRT urban insertion and safety: European experiences 

    Novales, Margarita; Teixeira, Manuel; Fontaine, Laetitia (Sage, 2014)
    [Abstract:] This paper provides a rough design toolkit for improving the safety of LRT (Light Rail Transit) urban insertion. This toolkit has been prepared after the analysis of more than 130 examples of good and ...
  • Alicante light rail: improving the use of existing railway lines 

    Novales, Margarita; García Cerezo, Juan Antonio; Ortega, Román (Sage, 2013)
    [Abstract:] The TRAM Metropolitano de Alicante (TRAM) is a unique metric (1,000 mm) gauge system that was born as the first Spanish tram-train, but later lost the tram-train characteristic of sharing the railway tracks ...
  • Turf (grass) track for light rail systems 

    Novales, Margarita; Conles Barrera, Emilio José (Sage, 2012)
    [Abstract:] Light rail systems are experiencing a revival in several countries in the world. In many of the new networks, as well as in refurbished ones, turf (grass) tracks are being used as a means to get a reserved right ...
  • Overhead wires free light rail systems 

    Novales, Margarita (Sage, 2011)
    [Abstract:] Light rail systems are experiencing a revival in several countries in the world. Nevertheless, they are facing a more and more demanding market which implies continuous new evolutions and technologies. An ...

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