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  • Evolución de los sistemas tranviarios 

    Bugarín, M. R.; Novales, Margarita; Orro, Alfonso (Universidade da Coruña, Grupo de Ferrocarriles y Transportes, 2003)
    [Resumen:] La revolución que ha supuesto el metro ligero en muchas ciudades europeas y americanas ha vuelto a hacer de los sistemas ferroviarios ligeros un modo de transporte atractivo para los desplazamientos urbanos. ...
  • Transporte por cable 

    Orro, Alfonso; Novales, Margarita; Bugarín, M. R. (Universidade da Coruña, Grupo de Ferrocarriles y Transportes, 2003)
    [Resumen:] El transporte por cable es un instrumento adecuado, en ocasiones el único, para resolver determinadas necesidades de transporte. Se emplea principalmente para transportes en pequeñas distancias con desniveles ...
  • A New Big Data Approach to Understanding General Traffic Impacts on Bus Passenger Delays 

    Montero-Lamas, Yaiza; Novales, Margarita; Orro, Alfonso; Currie, Graham (Hindawi, 2023)
    [Abstract:] This paper presents a new method to quantify the potential user time savings if the urban bus is given preferential treatment, changing from mixed traffic to an exclusive bus lane, using a big data approach. ...
  • Experimental verification of the methodology to estimate transit dwell time from the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual 

    Montero-Lamas, Yaiza; Orro, Alfonso; Novales, Margarita; Currie, Graham; Reynolds, James (Elsevier, 2023)
    [Abstract:] This study compares the theoretical and actual dwell times of urban buses in A Coruña, Spain, and trams in Melbourne, Australia, to evaluate the accuracy of the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual's ...
  • Identifying and understanding determinants of regional differences in light-rail patronage and performance 

    Ramos-Santiago, Luis Enrique; Novales, Margarita; Varela-García, Francisco-Alberto (Elsevier, 2022)
    [Abstract:] For the past three decades light-rail transit has been a key strategy for advancing sustainable mobilities in cities around the globe. International comparative studies, however, are few and infrequent, and the ...

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