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    • Efficient Culling Techniques for Interactive Deformable NURBS Surfaces on GPU 

      Concheiro, Raquel; Amor, Margarita; Padrón, Emilio J.; Doggett, Michael (SciTePress, 2016-02)
      [Abstrtact] InfoValue: NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-splines) surfaces are the standard freeform representation in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications. Rendering NURBS surfaces accurately while they are interactively ...
    • Free adaptive tessellation strategy of bézier surfaces 

      Concheiro, Raquel; Amor, Margarita; Bóo, Montserrat; Padrón, Emilio J. (SciTePress, 2014-01)
      [Abstract] Rendering of Bézier surfaces is currently performed by tessellating the model on the GPU and rendering the highly detailed triangle mesh. Whereas non-adaptive strategies apply the same tessellation pattern to ...
    • Synthesis of Multiresolution Scenes with Global Illumination on a GPU 

      Concheiro, Raquel; Amor, Margarita; Bóo, Montserrat; Iglesias, Iago; Padrón, Emilio J.; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (SciTePress, 2012-02)
      [Abstract] The radiosity computation has the important feature of producing view independent results, but these results are mesh dependent and, in consequence, are attached to a specific level of detail in the input mesh. ...