Recent Submissions

  • PolyBench/Python: Benchmarking Python Environments With Polyhedral Optimizations 

    Abella González, Miguel Ángel; Carollo-Fernández, Pedro; Pouchet, Louis-Noël; Rastello, Fabrice; Rodríguez, Gabriel (Association for Computing Machinery, 2021-03)
    [Abstract] Python has become one of the most used and taught languages nowadays. Its expressiveness, cross-compatibility and ease of use have made it popular in areas as diverse as finance, bioinformatics or machine ...
  • Multimethod Optimization for Reverse Engineering of Complex Biological Networks 

    González Gómez, Patricia; Penas, David R.; Pardo, Xoán C.; Banga, Julio R.; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018-09)
    [Abstract] Optimization problems appears in different areas of science and engineering. This paper considers the general problem of reverse engineering in computational biology by means of mixed-integer nonlinear dynamic ...
  • Using the Cloud for Parameter Estimation Problems: Comparing Spark vs MPI with a Case-Study 

    González Gómez, Patricia; Pardo, Xoán C.; Penas, David R.; Teijeiro, Diego; Banga, Julio R.; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017-07-13)
    [Abstract] Systems biology is an emerging approach focused in generating new knowledge about complex biological systems by combining experimental data with mathematical modeling and advanced computational techniques. Many ...
  • A Microprogrammed Approach for Implementing Statecharts 

    Cereijo García, Javier; Osorio, Roberto (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019-10-21)
    [Abstract] Statechart diagrams allow specifying complex systems in which there may be several states active at the same time and a large number of events and transitions to evaluate. Statecharts have been found useful in ...
  • Hardware Implementation of Statecharts for FPGA-based Control in Scientific Facilities 

    Cereijo García, Javier; Osorio, Roberto (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-01-16)
    [Abstract] The problem of generating complex synchronization patterns using automated tools is addressed in this paper. This work was originally motivated by the need of fast and jitter free synchronization in scientific ...

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