Recent Submissions

  • Integrating the common information model with MDS4 

    Díaz, Iván; Fernández, G.; Martín Santamaría, María José; González, Patricia; Touriño, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2008-10-31)
    [Abstract] The management and monitoring of static and dynamic resources is a key issue in grid environments. Information models are an abstract representation of software and hardware aspects of these resources, a common ...
  • Evaluation of Java for General Purpose GPU Computing 

    Docampo, Jorge; Ramos Garea, Sabela; López Taboada, Guillermo; Expósito, Roberto R.; Touriño, Juan; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (IEEE Computer Society, 2013-07-01)
    [Abstract] The presence of many-core units as accelerators has been increasing due to their ability to improve the performance of highly parallel workloads. General Purpose GPU(GPGPU) computing has allowed the graphical ...
  • Communication avoiding and overlapping for numerical linear algebra 

    Georganas, Evangelos; Gonzalez-Dominguez, Jorge; Solomonik, Edgar; Zheng, Yili; Touriño, Juan; Yelick, Katherine (IEEE Computer Society, 2013-02-25)
    [Abstract] To efficiently scale dense linear algebra problems to future exascale systems, communication cost must be avoided or overlapped. Communication-avoiding 2.5D algorithms improve scalability by reducing inter-processor ...
  • Performance evaluation of big data frameworks for large-scale data analytics 

    Veiga, Jorge; Expósito, Roberto R.; Pardo, Xoan C.; López Taboada, Guillermo; Touriño, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2017-02-06)
    [Abstract] The increasing adoption of Big Data analytics has led to a high demand for efficient technologies in order to manage and process large datasets. Popular MapReduce frameworks such as Hadoop are being replaced by ...
  • Compiler support for parallel code generation through kernel recognition 

    Arenaz Silva, Manuel; Touriño, Juan; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (IEEE Computer Society, 2004-06-07)
    [Abstract] Summary form only given. The automatic parallelization of loops that contain complex computations is still a challenge for current parallelizing compilers. The main limitations are related to the analysis of ...

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