Recent Submissions

  • Probing the Efficacy of Hardware-Aware Weight Pruning to Optimize the SpMM routine on Ampere GPUs 

    López Castro, Roberto; Andrade, Diego; Fraguela, Basilio B. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2022)
    [Abstract]: The Deep Learning (DL) community found in pruning techniques a good way to reduce the models' resource and energy consumption. These techniques lead to smaller sparse models, but sparse computations in GPUs ...
  • In-Transit Molecular Dynamics Analysis with Apache Flink 

    Zamúz, Henrique C.; Raffin, Bruno; Mures, Omar A.; Padrón, Emilio J. (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2018-11)
    [Abstract] In this paper, an on-line parallel analytics framework is proposed to process and store in transit all the data being generated by a Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation run using staging nodes in the same cluster ...
  • The New UPC++ DepSpawn High Performance Library for Data-Flow Computing with Hybrid Parallelism 

    Fraguela, Basilio B.; Andrade, Diego (Springer, 2022)
    [Abstract] Data-flow computing is a natural and convenient paradigm for expressing parallelism. This is particularly true for tools that automatically extract the data dependencies among the tasks while allowing to exploit ...
  • Performance Optimization of a Parallel Error Correction Tool 

    Martínez-Sánchez, Marco; Expósito, Roberto R.; Touriño, Juan (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] Due to the continuous development in the field of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies that have allowed researchers to take advantage of greater genetic samples in less time, it is a matter of relevance ...
  • RGen: Data Generator for Benchmarking Big Data Workloads 

    Pérez-Jove, Rubén; Expósito, Roberto R.; Touriño, Juan (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] This paper presents RGen, a parallel data generator for benchmarking Big Data workloads, which integrates existing features and new functionalities in a standalone tool. The main functionalities developed in ...

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