Recent Submissions

  • Parallelization of ARACNe, an Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks 

    Casal, Uxía; González-Domínguez, Jorge; Martín Santamaría, María José (M D P I AG, 2019-07-31)
    [Abstract] Gene regulatory networks are graphical representations of molecular regulators that interact with each other and with other substances in the cell to govern the gene expression. There are different computational ...
  • Using Artificial Vision Techniques for Individual Player Tracking in Sport Events 

    López Castro, Roberto; Andrade Canosa, Diego (M D P I AG, 2019-07-31)
    [Abstract] We introduce a hybrid approach that can track an individual football player in a video sequence. This solution achieves a good balance between speed and accuracy, combining traditional object tracking techniques ...
  • Integrating the common information model with MDS4 

    Díaz, Iván; Fernández, G.; Martín Santamaría, María José; González, Patricia; Touriño, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2008-10-31)
    [Abstract] The management and monitoring of static and dynamic resources is a key issue in grid environments. Information models are an abstract representation of software and hardware aspects of these resources, a common ...
  • Evaluation of Java for General Purpose GPU Computing 

    Docampo, Jorge; Ramos Garea, Sabela; López Taboada, Guillermo; Expósito, Roberto R.; Touriño, Juan; Doallo Biempica, Ramón (IEEE Computer Society, 2013-07-01)
    [Abstract] The presence of many-core units as accelerators has been increasing due to their ability to improve the performance of highly parallel workloads. General Purpose GPU(GPGPU) computing has allowed the graphical ...
  • Communication avoiding and overlapping for numerical linear algebra 

    Georganas, Evangelos; Gonzalez-Dominguez, Jorge; Solomonik, Edgar; Zheng, Yili; Touriño, Juan; Yelick, Katherine (IEEE Computer Society, 2013-02-25)
    [Abstract] To efficiently scale dense linear algebra problems to future exascale systems, communication cost must be avoided or overlapped. Communication-avoiding 2.5D algorithms improve scalability by reducing inter-processor ...

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