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    • A GIS-Embedded System to Support Land Consolidation Plans in Galicia. 

      Touriño, Juan; Parapar López, Jorge; Doallo, Ramón; Boullón, Marcos; Rivera, Francisco F.; Bruguera, Javier D. (Taylor & Francis, 2003-06)
      [Abstract] Land consolidation is a strategic instrument for rural planning and thus economic development in the Spanish region of Galicia. This paper describes an experimental system embedded in a GIS environment to aid ...
    • Automatic mapping of parallel applications on multicore architectures using the Servet benchmark suite 

      González-Domínguez, Jorge; Taboada, Guillermo L.; Fraguela, Basilio B.; Martín, María J.; Touriño, Juan (Pergamon Press, 2012-03)
      [Abstract] Servet is a suite of benchmarks focused on detecting a set of parameters with high influence on the overall performance of multicore systems. These parameters can be used for autotuning codes to increase their ...