Recent Submissions

  • Neotectónica del borde oriental de la cuenca de Madrid 

    Giner Robles, J. L.; Vicente Muñoz, G. de; González Casado, J. M. (Universidade da Coruña, 1994)
    [Abstract] An analysis ofthe neotectonic activity and the current stress state of the eastern border of Madrid Basin has been carried ont using structural-methods (fault population analysis), as well as seismological ...
  • El plutón de Linares (Jaén): cartografía, petrología y geoquímica 

    Larrea, F. J.; Carracedo, M.; Ortega Cuesta, Luis A.; Gil Ibarguchi, José I. (Universidade da Coruña, 1994)
    [Abstract] Magma emplacement within the Linares granite, a part of the Los Pedroches Batholith, took place in the sequence: biotite granodiorite with microgranular enclaves, biotite monzogranites, and dike swarm complexo ...
  • Estudio ambiental para la restauración de una explotación de árido 

    Pagés Valcarlos, J. L.; Vega Hinojal, A. (Universidade da Coruña, 1994)
    [Abstract] The actual work is developing the environmental study carried out to prepare the restoration Plan of a gravel pit from the Madrid Community. To restore this gravel pit, called «Torre Blanca» offers great difficulty ...
  • Interpretación en 2 1/2D de la anomalí magnética del País Vasco: implicaciones geodinámicas 

    Aller, J.; Zeyen, H. J. (Universidade da Coruña, 1994)
    The Basque magnetic anomaly (BMA) follows aNW-SE trend over the Basque country with intensities up to 250 nT and displays a paired negative part to the north with intensities down to -60 nT. A model of the magnetic ...
  • Análisis tensorial de la deformación superpuesta en el límite oriental de la cuenca de Madrid 

    Muñoz Martín, A.; Vicente Muñoz, G. de; González Casado, J. M. (Universidade da Coruña, 1994)
    An analysis of Neogene brittle deformation using fault populatíon analysis methods has been carried out between the SW border of the Iberian Range and Altomira Range. Two main paleostress fields have been established: 1) ...

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