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    • Development of new non-viral systems for genetic modification of senescent cells 

      López-Seijas, Junquera; Miranda-Balbuena, Diego; Iglesias-Fente, Alba; Sacristán-Santos, Marta; Carballo-Pedrares, Natalia; Arufe, M.C.; Rey-Rico, Ana; Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio (Cell Press, 2023-03-20)
      [Abstract] Senescence is a process characterized by a prolonged irreversible cell-cycle arrest. The accumulation of senescent cells in tissues is related to aging and to the development of age-related diseases. Recently, ...
    • Vermellogens and the Development of CB[8]-Based Supramolecular Switches Using pH-Responsive and Non-Toxic Viologen Analogues 

      Barravecchia Prado, Liliana Inés; Blanco-Gómez, Arturo; Neira, Iago; Skackauskaite, Raminta; Vila García, Alejandro; Rey-Rico, Ana; Peinador, Carlos; García, Marcos D. (ACS, 2022-10-07)
      [Abstract] We present herein the “vermellogens”, a new class of pH-responsive viologen analogues, which replace the direct linking between para-substituted pyridinium moieties within those by a hydrazone functional group. ...