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    • Effectiveness and Safety of Direct‐Acting Antivirals in Hepatitis C Infected Patients With Mental Disorders: Results in Real Clinical Practice 

      Bobadilla-Pérez, Eva; Cid-Silva, Purificación; Rodríguez‐Sotelo, Alejandro; Yáñez‐Rubal, Juan C.; Mena, Álvaro; Suárez-López, Francisco; Prieto‐Pérez, Andrea; Giménez‐Arufe, Víctor; Delgado, Manuel; Sanclaudio‐Luhia, Ana I.; Martín‐Herranz, Isabel; Castro-Iglesias, Ángeles; Margusino-Framiñán, Luis (Willey Online Library, 2020-03-17)
      [Abstract] The aim of this study is to analyze the effectiveness and safety of direct‐acting antivirals (DAAs) in psychiatric patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC). Secondary objectives included adherence and drug‐drug ...