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    • An Action Research for Improving the Sustainability Assessment Framework Instruments 

      Condori Fernández, Nelly; Lago, Patricia; Rodríguez Luaces, Miguel; Saavedra Places, Ángeles (MDPI AG, 2020-02-24)
      [Abstract] In the last years, software engineering researchers have defined sustainability as a quality requirement of software, but not enough effort has been devoted to develop new methods/techniques to support the ...
    • Towards a Non-Functional Requirements Discovery Approach for Persuasive Systems 

      Condori Fernández, Nelly; Araujo, Joao; Catalá, Alejandro; Lago, Patricia (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-03-30)
      [Abstract] A number of software systems that attempt to help people achieve behavior change have been proposed in various domains such as health and wellness. However, sometimes, such systems have failed to provide a ...