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    • Cave bear's diet: a new hypothesis based on stable isotopes 

      Vila, Marta; Fernández Mosquera, Daniel; Grandal-d'Anglade, Aurora (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
      [Abstract] The Ursus spelaeus diet has always been a controversial topic in Paleontology. Both, morphometric and isotopic studies, have raised the hypothesis of herbivorism for this extinct ursid that belongs to the order ...
    • Identification of ambiguous fossil bone remains following 13C and 15N isotopic signals on bone collagen 

      Vila, Marta; López González, F.; Grandal-d'Anglade, Aurora (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
      [Abstract] In this paper we deal with an useful application of isotopic studies on fossil bone remains. Following δ1 3C and δ1 5N signals recorded in bone collagen, it is possible to classify into the proper taxon some ...