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    • A Recommender System Based on Cohorts’ Similarity 

      Almeida, João Rafael; Monteiro, Eriksson; Silva, Luís Bastião; Pazos, A.; Oliveira, José Luís (IOS Press, 2020-06-16)
      [Abstract] Aiming to better understand the genetic and environmental associations of Alzheimer's disease, many clinical trials and scientific studies have been conducted. However, these studies are often based on a small ...
    • A Recommender System to Help Refining Clinical Research Studies 

      Almeida, João Rafael; Silva, João Figueira; Matos, Sergio; Pazos, A.; Oliveira, José Luís (IOS Press, 2021-05-01)
      [Abstract] The process of refining the research question in a medical study depends greatly on the current background of the investigated subject. The information found in prior works can directly impact several stages ...