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  • Novel Microbial Enzymes with Industrial Applications [Editorial] 

    González-Siso, María-Isabel; Becerra, Manuel (MDPI, 2023-04-10)
  • Thanksgiving to Yeast, the HMGB Proteins History from Yeast to Cancer [Review] 

    Lamas, Mónica; Vizoso-Vázquez, Ángel; Barreiro-Alonso, Aida; Cámara-Quílez, M.; Cerdán, María Esperanza (MDPI, 2023-04-11)
    [Abstract] Yeasts have been a part of human life since ancient times in the fermentation of many natural products used for food. In addition, in the 20th century, they became powerful tools to elucidate the functions of ...
  • Xylanases From Thermophilic Archaea: A Hidden Treasure 

    Saavedra-Bouza, Almudena; Escuder-Rodríguez, Juan-José; De Castro de Antonio, María Eugenia; Becerra, Manuel; González-Siso, María-Isabel (Elsevier, 2022-12-12)
    [Abstract] Archaea are a domain of prokaryotic organisms that often inhabit extremophilic environments. Their enzymes are therefore of enormous biotechnological interest, due to their stability and activity in harsh ...
  • Study of ferroptosis transmission by small extracellular vesicles in epithelial ovarian cancer cells 

    Alarcón-Veleiro, Carmen; Mato-Basalo, Rocío; Lucio-Gallego, Sergio; Vidal-Pampín, Andrea; Quindós-Varela, María; Al-Qatarneh, Thamer; Berrecoso, Germán; Vizoso-Vázquez, Ángel; Arufe, M.C.; Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio (MDPI, 2023-01-12)
    [Abstract] Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the most lethal gynecological cancer. The current treatment for EOC involves surgical debulking of the tumors followed by a combination of chemotherapy. While most patients ...
  • Insights on Microbial Communities Inhabiting Non-Volcanic Hot Springs 

    Escuder-Rodríguez, Juan-José; De Castro de Antonio, María Eugenia; Saavedra-Bouza, Almudena; Becerra, Manuel; González-Siso, María-Isabel (MDPI, 2022-10-13)
    [Abstract] The northwest of Spain has an abundance of non-volcanic hot springs that, until recently, had only been used for thermalism activities. One of such hot springs, Muiño da Veiga, has now been explored using ...

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