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  • Relevance of the extraction stage on the anti-inflammatory action of fucoidans 

    Flórez-Fernández, Noelia; Vaamonde-García, Carlos; Torres, María Dolores; Buján, Manuela; Muíños, Alexandra; Lamas-Vázquez, María J.; Meijide-Faílde, Rosa; Blanco García, Francisco J; Domínguez, Herminia (MDPI, 2023-03-01)
    [Abstract] The anti-inflammatory action of fucoidans is well known, based on both in vitro and some in vivo studies. The other biological properties of these compounds, their lack of toxicity, and the possibility of obtaining ...
  • Study of ferroptosis transmission by small extracellular vesicles in epithelial ovarian cancer cells 

    Alarcón-Veleiro, Carmen; Mato-Basalo, Rocío; Lucio-Gallego, Sergio; Vidal-Pampín, Andrea; Quindós-Varela, María; Al-Qatarneh, Thamer; Berrecoso, Germán; Vizoso-Vázquez, Ángel; Arufe, M.C.; Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio (MDPI, 2023-01-12)
    [Abstract] Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the most lethal gynecological cancer. The current treatment for EOC involves surgical debulking of the tumors followed by a combination of chemotherapy. While most patients ...
  • Evaluation of the prognostic value of extra-parenchymal changes in traumatic spinal cord injury, assessed by magnetic resonance imaging 

    Mora-Boga, Rubén; Vázquez-Muíños, Olalla; Pértega-Díaz, Sonia; Salvador-de-la-Barrera, Sebastián; Ferreiro-Velasco, María Elena; Rodríguez-Sotillo, Antonio; Meijide-Faílde, Rosa; Montoto Marqués, Antonio (Taylor & Francis, 2022-11-28)
    [Abstract] Objectives: To analyze the relationship between neurological progression following traumatic spinal cord injury and Spinal Cord Compression (SCC) and Spinal Ligamentous Injury (LI) by magnetic resonance ...
  • Generation of human immortalized chondrocytes from osteoarthritic and healthy cartilage 

    Piñeiro-Ramil, María; Sanjurjo-Rodríguez, Clara; Rodríguez-Fernández, Silvia; Hermida-Gómez, Tamara; Blanco García, Francisco J; Fuentes Boquete, Isaac Manuel; Vaamonde-García, Carlos; Díaz-Prado, Silvia (The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery, 2023-01-17)
    [Abstract] Aims. After a few passages of in vitro culture, primary human articular chondrocytes undergo senescence and loss of their phenotype. Most of the available chondrocyte cell lines have been obtained from cartilage ...
  • In vitro study of the therapeutic potential of brown crude fucoidans in osteoarthritis treatment 

    Vaamonde-García, Carlos; Capelo Mera, Emma; Flórez-Fernández, Noelia; Torres, María Dolores; Rivas-Murias, Beatriz; Meijide-Faílde, Rosa; Blanco García, Francisco J; Domínguez, Herminia (MDPI, 2022-11-17)
    [Abstract] Osteoarthritis, one of the most common joint degenerative pathologies, still has no cure, and current treatments, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can cause serious adverse effects when taken for a ...

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