Recent Submissions

  • «Sin barandillas» 

    Franco Taboada, Juan Manuel; Colina, Juan de la; Armada Martínez, Carmen; Franco Prieto, Manuel (2012)
  • Analogue and digital access to architectural information 

    Amado, Antonio; López-Chao, Vicente (2020)
    [Abstract] Access to architectural information has undergone great changes due to the global use of the internet. In the digital environment, the quantity of information and its "free" availability create advantages compared ...
  • Aesthetical Appeal and Dissemination of Architectural Heritage Photographs in Instagram 

    López-Chao, Vicente; López-Pena, Vicente (MDPI, 2020)
    [Abstract] Image-based social networks are environments where users share their photographs and involuntarily contribute to evolve and to spread the meaning of things. For this reason, it is essential to use this source ...
  • Architectural Graphics Research: Topics and Trends through Cluster and Map Network Analyses 

    López-Chao, Vicente; Amado, Antonio (2020)
    [Abstract] Graphic representation is a fundamental language in architecture and engineering because it facilitates the communication of any type of information. Therefore, professionals and students need continuous and ...
  • Indicators Framework for Sustainable Urban Design 

    López Chao, Andrea; Casares Gallego, Amparo; López-Chao, Vicente; Alvarellos, Alberto (2020)
    [Abstract] Climate change and sustainability have recently been object of study due to the impact on the planet and on human activity of the first and the benefits that could derive from the efficiency of the second. ...

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