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    • High-speed exhaustive 3-locus interaction epistasis analysis on FPGAs 

      Kässens, Jan Christian; Wienbrandt, Lars; González-Domínguez, Jorge; Schmidt, Bertil; Schimmler, Manfred (Elsevier B.V., 2015-07)
      [Abstract]: Epistasis, the interaction between genes, has become a major topic in molecular and quantitative genetics. It is believed that these interactions play a significant role in genetic variations causing complex ...
    • Parallelizing Epistasis Detection in GWAS on FPGA and GPU-Accelerated Computing Systems 

      González-Domínguez, Jorge; Wienbrandt, Lars; Kässens, Jan Christian; Ellinghaus, David; Schimmler, Manfred; Schmidt, Bertil (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015)
      [Abstract] High-throughput genotyping technologies (such as SNP-arrays) allow the rapid collection of up to a few million genetic markers of an individual. Detecting epistasis (based on 2-SNP interactions) in Genome-Wide ...