RUC Is the digital repository of the University of A Coruña. Its objective is to spread and preserve the materials product of the University teaching and research as well as its patrimonial documentary holdings.


RUC is structured in 6 large areas:

  1. Investigación: In this section the documents carried out by the research work of the University teaching and research staff are collected.

  2. Publications UDC: It collects books, technical journals and conferences published by the UDC.

  3. Biblioteca UDC Coleccións especiais: It collects materials from the special collections of the University Library.

  4. Traballos académicos: It collects bachelor theses and master theses

  5. Docencia: It collects materials carried out by the teachers in their academic activity.


The documents present in RUC are done by members of the University Community of the UDC, though there may be co-authors that do not belong to the institution. There are also materials that not being done by the Community of the UDC, they do belong to their documentary holdings. The accepted materials are: unpublished, under publication or already published documents.


All types of document formats are admitted with the only limitation that the software used in the management of RUC imposes, though the use of standard open formats is recommended to favour preservation and interoperability.


Documents are admitted in any language.


The authors of the documents retain their rights, just granting the UDC a non-exclusive license of distribution and they can make use of their documents as they consider it right.

Document withdrawal

Since the objective of RUC is the preservation of the stored documents, they will not be removed except in justified cases.