Who can deposit documents in RUC?

Faculty of the University can deposit their documents in RUC, whenever they are original documents of the author and product of investigation or teaching.

What type of documents can you deposit?

In principle all type of documents are admitted, and in all type of digital formats that the system recognises, but we recommend to make use of digital formats of common use and with open standards since they make diffusion and preservation easier.

How can I deposit?

Once you have been registered in the system and authorised to deposit you can consult the tutorial of self-archive.

How can I request permission to deposit?

Contact us in ruc@udc.es and indicate the community in which you want to deposit.

Can I use Creative Commons as a licence of my works?

Yes, you can use CC, and in case you need a more restrictive licence you can make use of the default licence of RUC.

What is a community?

It is a group, department or centre with administrative existence that lasts over time. Inside the communities there can be subcommunities and collections. The collections are groups of documents, usually of the same type (articles, papers, etc)