FAQ on Copyright

Can I deposit a document that has already been published?

It depends on the type of tranfer of rights to the editor. If the exclusive rights were transferred it is not possible, but otherwise there are many publishers that allow the deposit of the author version of the articles that they publish. The steps to follow would be: first, consult the agreement signed with the publishing company, in case that no agreement is found you can consult ROMEO and DULCINEA, which list the politics of the main publishers. If you have doubts concerning this you can contact us in ruc@udc.es and will try to clear them.

Can I deposit a document that I made together with other authors

Yes, but it must have the other authors consent.

Can I use a document deposited by me in RUC in another website?

Yes, you can. You are the author and have all the rights on the documents deposited by you in RUC.

If one of my documents is used without permission what can I do?

Get in touch with us in ruc@udc.es, we shall study the case and try to solve it.