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    • High-Speed FPGA Architecture for CABAC Decoding Acceleration in H.264/AVC Standard 

      Rodríguez Osorio, Roberto; Díaz Bruguera, Javier (Springer New York LLC, 2013-08)
      [Abstract] Video encoding and decoding are computing intensive applications that require high performance processors or dedicated hardware. Video decoding offers a high parallel processing potential that may be exploited. ...
    • Improving Scalability of Application-Level Checkpoint-Recovery by Reducing Checkpoint Sizes 

      Cores González, Iván; Rodríguez Álvarez, Gabriel; Martín Santamaría, María José; González Gómez, Patricia; Rodríguez Osorio, Roberto (Springer Japan KK, 2013)
      [Abstract] The execution times of large-scale parallel applications on nowadays multi/many-core systems are usually longer than the mean time between failures. Therefore, parallel applications must tolerate hardware failures ...