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    • High-performance computing selection of models of DNA substitution for multicore clusters 

      Darriba, Diego; López Taboada, Guillermo; Doallo Biempica, Ramón; Posada, David (Sage Publications Ltd., 2014)
      [Abstract] This paper presents the high-performance computing (HPC) support of jModelTest2, the most popular bioinformatic tool for the statistical selection of models of DNA substitution. As this can demand vast computational ...
    • selection of nucleotide substitution models on the cloud 

      Santorum, Jose Manuel; Darriba, Diego; López Taboada, Guillermo; Posada, David (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      [Abstract] The selection of models of nucleotide substitution is one of the major steps of modern phylogenetic analysis. Different tools exist to accomplish this task, among which jModelTest 2 (jMT2) is one of the most ...
    • ModelTest-NG: A New and Scalable Tool for the Selection of DNA and Protein Evolutionary Models 

      Darriba, Diego; Posada, David; Kozlov, Alexey M.; Stamatakis, Alexandros; Morel, Benoit; Flouri, Tomas (Oxford University Press, 2019-08-21)
      [Abstract] ModelTest-NG is a reimplementation from scratch of jModelTest and ProtTest, two popular tools for selecting the best-fit nucleotide and amino acid substitution models, respectively. ModelTest-NG is one to two ...