Recent Submissions

  • Review of ship energy efficiency 

    Barreiro Montes, Julio; Zaragoza, Sonia; Díaz Casás, Vicente (Elsevier, 2022-05-31)
    [Abstract] Energy efficiency has become increasingly relevant in the current economic and environmental situations. This paper aims to create a map of the state of the art of the energy efficiency on the marine sector, ...
  • Reliability and Maintenance Management Analysis on OffShore Wind Turbines (OWTs) 

    Taboada, José V.; Díaz Casás, Vicente; Yu, Xi (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] Due to the extreme marine operating environment, the remoteness from the maintenance base, and the expensive specialized accessibility and overhaul equipment needed (e.g., barges, boats, ships, and vessels), ...
  • Developing a Simulation Model for Autonomous Driving Education in the Robobo SmartCity Framework 

    Juanatey, Daniel; Naya, M.; Baamonde, Tamara; Bellas, Francisco (MDPI, 2021-10)
    Abstract: This paper focuses on long-term education in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to robotics. Specifically, it presents the Robobo SmartCity educational framework. It is based on two main elements: the ...
  • Simulation of the Fluid–Structure Interaction in Fishing Nets 

    Roget, Sergio; Lema, Marcos; Gosset, Anne (MDPI, 2021-10)
    Abstract: The main objective of this work is the development of a Computational Fluid Dynamics model coupled with a structural code for the simulation and optimization of fishing gears. As fishing nets are highly deformable ...
  • Numerical Simulations and Modal Analysis to Investigate the Defects in a Coating Process 

    Barreiro-Villaverde, David; Lema, Marcos; Gosset, Anne (MDPI, 2021-10)
    Abstract: This work investigates the hydrodynamics of jet wiping, a coating process in which a thin slot gas jet impinges on a coating film dragged by a moving strip; thus, reducing the coating thickness and developing a ...

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