Recent Submissions

  • A Framework for the Development of Context-Adaptable User Interfaces for Ubiquitous Computing Systems 

    Varela, Gervasio; Paz-Lopez, Alejandro; Becerra, Jose Antonio; Duro, Richard J. (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2016)
    This paper addresses the problem of developing user interfaces for Ubiquitous Computing (UC) and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) systems. These kind of systems are expected to provide a natural user experience, considering ...
  • UniDA: Uniform Device Access Framework for Human Interaction Environments 

    Varela, Gervasio; Paz-Lopez, Alejandro; Becerra, Jose Antonio; Vazquez Rodriguez, Santiago; Duro, Richard J. (Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 2011)
    Human interaction environments (HIE) must be understood as any place where people carry out their daily life, including their work, family life, leisure and social life, interacting with technology to enhance or facilitate ...
  • A New Approach to Laminar Flowmeters 

    Lopez Pena, Fernando; Deibe Díaz, Álvaro; Rodriguez Lema, Marcos; Vazquez Rodriguez, Santiago (Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 2010)
    After studying the performance and characteristics of actual laminar flowmeters a new disposition for this type of sensors is proposed in such a way that the measurement errors introduced by the intrinsic nature of the ...
  • Ambient Intelligence Systems for Personalized Sport Training 

    Vales-Alonso, Javier; López-Matencio, Pablo; Gonzalez-Castaño, Francisco J.; Navarro-Hellín, Honorio; Baños-Guirao, Pedro J.; Pérez-Martínez, Francisco J.; Martínez-Álvarez, Rafael P.; González-Jiménez, Daniel; Gil-Castiñeira, Felipe; Duro, Richard J. (Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 2010)
    Several research programs are tackling the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) at specific fields, such as e-Health, e-Inclusion or e-Sport. This is the case of the project “Ambient Intelligence Systems Support for ...
  • El sistema gallec de caixes d'estalvi en perspectiva històrica, Segles XIX-XX 

    Lindoso-Tato, Elvira; Maixé Altés, Joan Carles; Vilar Rodríguez, Margarita (2004)
    [Resum] Des de la seva creació les caixes d'estalvi van estar molt lligades a l'entorn local i regional. De fet, la seva expansió extrarregional ha estat un fenomen recento El sistema gallee de caixes va adquirir ...

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