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    • Characteristics of the onshore and offshore wind resource 

      Pérez-Canosa, José M.; Cartelle Barros, Juan José; Orosa, José A.; Santiago Caamaño, Lucía; Lamas Galdo, María Isabel (Elsevier, 2023)
      [Abstract] Energy is an essential commodity for the development of modern nations. Energy demand has increased in recent years, a trend that is likely to continue in the near future. Therefore, it is of vital importance ...
    • Offshore Wind as a Base for a New Sustainable Business 

      Filgueira-Vizoso, Almudena; Enríquez-Díaz, Joaquín; Lamas Galdo, María Isabel; Puime Guillén, Félix; Cordal Iglesias, David; Álvarez García, Begoña; Castro-Santos, Laura (IGI Global, 2021)
      [Abstract] The aim of this chapter is to examine the offshore wind as a pillar for a new sustainable business. In this context, the chapter firstly analyses the significance of renewable energies. Secondly, it analyses ...