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    • New Toroidal Beam Antennas for WLAN Communications 

      Brégains, Julio; Franceschetti, G.; Roederer, A. G.; Ares Pena, F. J. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2007-02)
      [Abstract] The design of a number of new antennas that radiate linearly polarized toroidal beams is described. The developed procedures are based on the use of a method of moments commercial software tool. Several numerical ...
    • Synthesis of Multi-Radial Line Antenna for HIPERLAN 

      Brégains, Julio; Ares Pena, F. J.; Franceschetti, G.; Roederer, A. G. (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2003-08)
      [Abstract] We present a new antenna concept - the multi-radial travelling wave line antenna - that achieves a broadband conical radiation pattern suitable for use in multiple C-band wireless computer networks.