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  • A data mining approach for classification of orthostatic and essential tremor based on MRI‐derived brain volume and cortical thickness 

    Benito‐León, Julián; Louis, Elan D.; Mato‐Abad, Virginia; Sánchez‐Ferro, Alvaro; Romero, Juan P.; Matarazzo, Michele; Serrano, J. Ignacio (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019-11-26)
    [Abstract] Objective - Orthostatic tremor (OT) is an extremely rare, misdiagnosed, and underdiagnosed disorder affecting adults in midlife. There is debate as to whether it is a different condition or a variant of essential ...
  • Improved Compressed String Dictionaries 

    Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Cerdeira Pena, Ana Belén; De Bernardo Roca, Guillermo; Navarro, Gonzalo (ACM, 2019-11-03)
    [Abstract] We introduce a new family of compressed data structures to efficiently store and query large string dictionaries in main memory. Our main technique is a combination of hierarchical Front-coding with ideas from ...
  • Conjugation of different immunogenic enterococcal vaccine target antigens leads to extended strain coverage 

    Romero-Saavedra, Felipe; Laverde, Diana; Kalfopoulou, Ermioni; Martini, Cecilia; Torelli, Riccardo; Martínez Matamoros, Diana; Sanguinetti, Maurizio; Huebner, Johannes (Oxford University Press, 2019-07-09)
    [Abstract] Enterococci have emerged as important nosocomial pathogens due to their resistance to the most commonly used antibiotics. Alternative treatments or prevention options are aimed at polysaccharides and surface-related ...
  • Perceptual Generalization and Context in a Network MemoryInspired Long-Term Memory for Artificial Cognition 

    Duro, Richard J.; Becerra Permuy, José Antonio; Monroy Camafreita, Juan; Bellas, Francisco (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2019)
    Abstract: In the framework of open-ended learning cognitive architectures for robots, this paper deals with thedesign of a Long-Term Memory (LTM) structure that can accommodate the progressive acquisition ofexperience-based ...
  • Studying How Innate Motivations Can Drive Skill Acquisition in Cognitive Robots 

    Romero, Alejandro; Bellas, Francisco; Becerra, José Antonio; Duro, Richard J (MDPI, 2019)
    Abstract: In this paper, we address the problem of how to bootstrap a cognitive architecture to opportunistically start learning skills in domains where multiple skills can be learned at the same time. To this end, taking ...

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