Recent Submissions

  • Quantile-based fuzzy clustering of multivariate time series in the frequency domain 

    López-Oriona, Ángel; Vilar, José; D'Urso, Pierpaolo (Elsevier, 2022)
    [Abstract] A novel procedure to perform fuzzy clustering of multivariate time series generated from different dependence models is proposed. Different amounts of dissimilarity between the generating models or changes on ...
  • Bootstrap Bandwidth Selection and Confidence Regions for Double Smoothed Default Probability Estimation 

    Peláez, Rebeca; Cao, Ricardo; Vilar, Juan M. (MDPI, 2022)
    [Abstract] For a fixed time, t, and a horizon time, b, the probability of default (PD) measures the probability that an obligor, that has paid his/her credit until time t, runs into arrears not later that time t+b. This ...
  • F4: An All-Purpose Tool for Multivariate Time Series Classification 

    López-Oriona, Ángel; Vilar, José (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] We propose Fast Forest of Flexible Features (F4), a novel approach for classifying multivariate time series, which is aimed to discriminate between underlying generating processes. This goal has barely been ...
  • Transcultural Adaptation and Validation of the Spanish Bristol Foot Score (BFS-S) 

    López-López, Daniel; Navarro Flores, Emmanuel; Losa Iglesias, Marta Elena; Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, Ricardo; Vilar, Juan M.; Palomo-López, Patricia; Calvo-Lobo, César (Aging and Disease, 2018)
    [Abstract] The Bristol Foot Score is considered an instrument for measuring the impact of foot problems and pain. It was developed and validated in United Kingdom. Therefore, this aim was to perform the transcultural ...
  • Modeling the Number of People Infected With SARS-COV-2 From Wastewater Viral Load in Northwest Spain 

    Vallejo, Juan Andrés; Trigo Tasende, Noelia; Rumbo-Feal, Soraya; Conde Pérez, Kelly; López-Oriona, Ángel; Barbeito, Inés; Vaamonde, Manuel; Tarrío-Saavedra, Javier; Reif López, Rubén; Ladra, Susana; Rodiño-Janeiro, Bruno Kotska; Nasser-Ali, Mohammed; Cid, Ángeles; Veiga, María Carmen; Acevedo, Antón; Lamora, Carlos; Bou, Germán; Cao, Ricardo; Poza, Margarita (Elsevier, 2022)
    [Abstract] The quantification of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA load in wastewater has emerged as a useful tool to monitor COVID–19 outbreaks in the community. This approach was implemented in the metropolitan area of A Coruña (NW ...

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