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    • Colloidal and thermal behaviors of some venezuelan kaolin pastes for therapeutic applications 

      Hernández, Ana C.; Awad, Mahmoud; Meléndez, Williams; González, Gema; López-Galindo, Alberto; Sánchez-Espejo, Rita; García-Villén, Fátima; Viseras, César (MDPI, 2019-12-04)
      [Abstract] This work contributes to the knowledge of colloidal and thermal properties of some important primary-originated kaolin deposits from Bolivar State, Venezuela, and their possible use as semisolid formulations in ...
    • Experimental Study and ANN Dual-Time Scale Perturbation Model of Electrokinetic Properties of Microbiota 

      Liu, Yong; Munteanu, Cristian-Robert; Fernández-Lozano, Carlos; Pazos, A.; Ran, Tao; Tan, Zhiliang; Zhou, Chuanshe; Tang, Shaoxun; González-Díaz, Humberto (Frontiers Science, 2017-06-30)
      [Abstract] The electrokinetic properties of the rumen microbiota are involved in cell surface adhesion and microbial metabolism. An in vitro study was carried out in batch culture to determine the effects of three levels ...