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    • Extending the Globus Information Service with the Common Information Model 

      Díaz, Iván; Fernández, G.; González, P.; Martín Santamaría, María José; Touriño, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2011-07-14)
      [Abstract] The need of task-adapted and complete information for the management of resources is a well known issue in Grid computing. Globus Toolkit 4 (GT4) includes the Monitoring and Discovery System component (MDS4) to ...
    • Integrating the common information model with MDS4 

      Díaz, Iván; Fernández, G.; Martín Santamaría, María José; González, Patricia; Touriño, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2008-10-31)
      [Abstract] The management and monitoring of static and dynamic resources is a key issue in grid environments. Information models are an abstract representation of software and hardware aspects of these resources, a common ...