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    • Bidirectional Modulation of Neuronal Cells Electrical and Mechanical Properties Through Pristine and Functionalized Graphene Substrates 

      Zummo, Francesca; Esposito, Pietro; Hou, Huilei; Wetzl, Cecilia; Rius, Gemma; Tkatchenko, Raphaela; Guimerà, Anton; Godignon, Philippe; Prato, Maurizio; Prats Alfonso, Elisabet; Criado, Alejandro; Scaini, Denis (Frontiers, 2022-01-11)
      [Abstract] In recent years, the quest for surface modifications to promote neuronal cell interfacing and modulation has risen. This course is justified by the requirements of emerging technological and medical approaches ...
    • Intrinsic and Selective Activity of Functionalized Carbon Nanotube/Nanocellulose Platforms Against Colon Cancer Cells 

      González-Domínguez, José Miguel; Grasa, Laura; Frontiñán, Javier; Abás, Elisa; Domínguez-Alfaro, Antonio; Mesonero, J. E.; Criado, Alejandro; Ansón-Casaos, Alejandro (Elsevier, 2022-01-25)
      [Abstract] Given their large surface area and versatile chemical reactivity, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) are regarded as the basis of new pharmacological complexes. In this study, SWCNTs are chemically ...
    • In Situ Synthesis of Artificial Lipids 

      Lomba-Riego, Lucía; Calviño Sanlés, Esther; Brea, Roberto J. (Elsevier, 2022-09-15)
      [Abstract] Lipids constitute one of the most enigmatic family of biological molecules. Although the importance of lipids as basic units of compartmental structure and energy storage is well-acknowledged, deciphering the ...