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    • Near Room Temperature Dielectric Transition in the Perovskite Formate Framework [(CH₃)₂NH₂][Mg(HCOO)₃] 

      Pato Doldán, Breogán; Sánchez-Andújar, Manuel; Gómez Aguirre, Lilián Claudia; Yáñez Vilar, Susana; López-Beceiro, Jorge; Gracia Fernández, Carlos; Haghighirad, A. A.; Ritter, F.; Castro-García, Socorro; Señarís-Rodríguez, M. A. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2012-05)
      [Abstract] We report that the hybrid organic–inorganic compound [(CH₃)₂NH₂][Mg(HCOO)₃] shows a marked dielectric transition around Tₜ ∼ 270 K, associated to a structural phase transition from SG R[3 with combining macron]c ...