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  • Predicted and actual 2-year structural and pain progression in the IMI-APPROACH knee osteoarthritis cohort 

    van Helvoort, Eefje M.; Jansen, Mylène P.; Marijnissen, Anne C.A.; Kloppenburg, Margreet; Blanco García, Francisco J; Haugen, Ida K.; Berenbaum, Francis; Bay-Jensen, Anne-C.; Ladel, Christoph; Lalande, Agnes; Larkin, Jonathan; Loughlin, John; Mobasheri, Ali; Weinans, Harrie; Widera, Pawel; Bacardit, Jaume; Welsing, Paco M.J.; Lafeber, Floris P.J.G. (Oxford Academic, 2023-01)
    [Abstract] Objectives: The IMI-APPROACH knee osteoarthritis study used machine learning (ML) to predict structural and/or pain progression, expressed by a structural (S) and pain (P) predicted-progression score, to select ...