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  • STEMbach Experiences at Higher Education 

    Castro-Santos, Laura; Puime Guillén, Félix; Lamas, M.I.; García-Diez, Ana; Enríquez-Díaz, Joaquín; Boedo, Lucía; Lagoa-Varela, Dolores; Álvarez García, Begoña; Filgueira-Vizoso, Almudena (De Gruyter Open Ltd, 2023-01)
    [Abstract]: The aim of this work is to describe several experiences of STEMbach in different areas: engineering, economics, materials, etc. The STEMbach is a program carried out by high school students during their two ...
  • Application of residuals from purification of bivalve molluscs in Galician to facilitate marine ecosystem resiliency through artificial reefs with shells – One generation 

    Carral Couce, Luis; Lamas, M.I.; Buenhombre, José Luis Mier; Cartelle Barros, Juan José; Naya, Salvador; Tarrío-Saavedra, Javier (Elsevier, 2023-01-15)
    [Abstract] The seas and oceans of the planet provide a wide range of essential resources. However, marine ecosystems are undergoing severe degradation due to the unsustainable exploitation and consumption patterns of the ...
  • The technical and economic feasibility of the CENTEC floating offshore wind platform 

    Filgueira-Vizoso, Almudena; Castro-Santos, Laura; Cordal Iglesias, David; Puime Guillén, Félix; Lamas, M.I.; García-Diez, Ana; Uzunoglu, Emre; Díaz, Hugo; Soares, Carlos Guedes (MDPI, 2022-09-21)
    [Abstract]: This paper defines a methodology for the economic feasibility analysis of a floating offshore wind farm composed of tensioned leg platforms, which are part of the EU ARCWIND research project. In this context, ...
  • Opening or Not Opening Educational Centers in Time of SARS-CoV-2? Analysis of the Situation in Galicia (Spain) 

    Filgueira-Vizoso, Almudena; Castro-Santos, Laura; García-Diez, Ana; Puime Guillén, Félix; Lamas, M.I.; Graña-López, Manuel Ángel (MDPI, 2022-05-05)
    [Abstract] The appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on the world stage has implemented changes in all social activities and, therefore, in teaching at all educational levels. On the one hand, it is argued that the closure ...
  • Study of the Rotary Bending Fatigue Resistance of 30MnB5, 41CrS4 and 30MnVS6 Steels 

    García-Diez, Ana; Galán-Díaz, Juan José; Graña-López, Manuel Ángel; Toledano, Mar (MDPI, 2022)
    [Abstract] In this study, a comparative analysis of the fatigue behavior of four types of steels, three of quenching and tempering (30MnB5 subjected to two different heat treatments and 41CrS4) and one microalloyed (30MnVS6), ...

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