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  • Phosphorus Fractionations and Availability in Areas under Different Management Systems in the Cerrado 

    Torres, José Luiz Rodrigues; Costa, Danyllo Denner Almeida; Pereira, Marcos; Guardieiro, Luiz Victorio França; Loss, Arcângelo; Lourenzi, Cledimar; Paz González, Antonio; Carvalho, Mychelle; Vieira, Dinamar Márcia da Silva (MDPI, 2023-03-24)
    [Abstract] The input of organic matter in the soil by the no-tillage system (NTS) increases as the system becomes established, raising the levels of organic phosphorus (P) and reducing the P soil adsorption. This study ...
  • Biochar production from late-harvest grass – Challenges and potential for farm-scale implementation 

    Heinrich, Thomas; Park, Hyunjin; Orozco, Richard; Ding, Zhengqiu; Álvarez-López, Vanessa; Mosquera-Losada, María Rosa; Steinbeis, Leopold; Hoffmann, Thomas (Elsevier, 2023)
    [Abstract:] Grasslands play a crucial role in European agriculture and ecology, but are often underutilized due to low-value end-products. The utilisation of late-harvest grass for biochar and heat generation on farm-level ...
  • Role of cultivars and grass in the stability of soil moisture and temperature in an organic vineyard 

    López-Vicente, Manuel; Pereira Rodríguez, Laura; Da Silva Dias, Rosane; Raposo-Díaz, Xiana; Wu, Gao-Lin; Paz González, Antonio (Elsevier, 2023)
    [Abstract:] Soil water content (SWC) and temperature (ST) are main parameters in agriculture, but are difficult to predict due to the numerous processes involved. To find stability patterns, this study evaluated the soil ...
  • Heat-induced changes in soil water-extractable organic matter characterized using fluorescence and FTIR spectroscopies coupled with dimensionality reduction methods 

    Lado, Marcos; Sayegh, J.; Gia-Gadñay, Alex; Ben-Hur, M.; Borisover, Mikhail (Elsevier, 2023)
    [Abstract:] Water extractable organic matter (WEOM) is a very mobile and reactive soil OM fraction, critical in the translocation of carbon (C) from soils to other environmental compartments. Transformations of WEOM due ...
  • Digitalisation for nuclear waste management: predisposal and disposal 

    Kolditz, Olaf; Jacques, Diederik; Claret, Francis; Bertrand, Johan; Churakov, Sergey V.; Debayle, Christophe; Diaconu, Daniela; Fuzik, Kateryna; García-Cobos, D.; Graebling, Nico; Grambow, Bernd; Holt, Erika; Idiart, Andrés; Leira, Petter; Montoya, Vanessa; Niederleithinger, Ernst; Olin, Markus; Pfingsten, Wilfried; Prasianakis, Nikolaos; Rink, Karsten; Samper, Javier; Szöke, István; Szöke, Réka; Theodon, Louise; Wendling, Jacques (Springer, 2023)
    [Abstract:] Data science (digitalisation and artificial intelligence) became more than an important facilitator for many domains in fundamental and applied sciences as well as industry and is disrupting the way of research ...

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