Recent Submissions

  • Site agnostic approach to early detection of cyberbullying on social media networks 

    López-Vizcaíno, Manuel F.; Nóvoa, Francisco; Artieres, Thierry; Cacheda, Fidel (MDPI, 2023-05)
    [Abstract]: The rise in the use of social media networks has increased the prevalence of cyberbullying, and time is paramount to reduce the negative effects that derive from those behaviours on any social media platform. ...
  • Application of machine learning algorithms for the validation of a new CoAP-IoT anomaly detection dataset 

    Vigoya, Laura; Pardal Noya, Alberto; Fernández, Diego; Carneiro, Víctor (MDPI, 2023-04)
    [Abstract]: With the rise in smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been established as one of the preferred emerging platforms to fulfil their need for simple interconnections. The use of specific protocols such ...
  • Measuring Early Detection of Anomalies 

    López-Vizcaíno, Manuel F.; Novoa, Francisco; Fernández, Diego; Cacheda, Fidel (IEEE, 2022)
    [Abstract]: Early detection is a matter of growing importance in multiple domains as network security, health conditions over social network services or weather forecasts related disasters. It is not enough to make a good ...
  • IoT Dataset Validation Using Machine Learning Techniques for Traffic Anomaly Detection 

    Vigoya, Laura; Fernández, Diego; Carneiro, Víctor; Nóvoa, Francisco (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] With advancements in engineering and science, the application of smart systems is increasing, generating a faster growth of the IoT network traffic. The limitations due to IoT restricted power and computing ...
  • Low Cost Automated Security Audit System 

    Fernández-Arruti Gallego, Pedro; Estévez Pereira, Julio Jairo; Nóvoa, Francisco; Dafonte, Carlos; Fernández, Diego (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] In recent years, a quick transition towards digitization has been observed in most organizations. Along with it, certain inherent problems have appeared, such as the increase in cyber threats. Large organizations ...

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