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  • Fatigue insights from walking tests in spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis individuals 

    Fernández-Canosa, Sara; Brocalero-Camacho, Ángela; Martínez-Medina, Alicia; Díez-Rodríguez, Eva; Arias, Pablo; Oliviero, Antonio; Soto-León, Vanesa (Springer Nature, 2024-02-27)
    [Abstract] In the last decade, fatigue in clinical populations has been re-conceptualized, including dimensions such as perceived fatigue (trait and state fatigue) and fatigability. The aim of this study was to evaluate ...
  • Early visual processing during binocular rivalry studied with visual evoked potentials 

    Valle-Inclán, Fernando; Hackley, Steven A.; Labra, Carmen de; Álvarez, Antonio (Lippincott, 1999)
    [Abstract] Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) were recorded to probes presented to the dominant and suppressed eyes in a binocular rivalry paradigm. Probes presented to the suppressed eye interrupted the current dominance ...
  • Electrical activity in primary visual area due to interocular suppression 

    Labra, Carmen de; Valle-Inclán, Fernando (Lippincott, 2001-12)
    [Abstract] Under binocular rivalry conditions, evoked potentials to lower hemifield stimulation are more positive for the dominant than for the suppressed eye between 100 and 300 ms. However, this pattern reverses when the ...
  • Alterations in microglial phenotype and hippocampal neuronal function in transgenic mice with astrocyte-targeted production of interleukin-10 

    Almoda, Beatriz; Labra, Carmen de; Barrera, Iliana; Gruart, Agnés; Delgado-García, José M.; Villacampa, Nàdia; Vilella, Antonietta; Hofer, Markus J.; Hidalgo, Juan; Campbell, Iain L.; González, Berta; Castellano, Bernardo (Elsevier, 2015-03)
    [Abstract] Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a cytokine classically linked with anti-inflammatory and protective functions in the central nervous system (CNS) in different neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory conditions. In ...
  • Depressive symptoms and their severity in a sample with lymphedema: a case-control investigation 

    Monteiro, Ana Júlia; Labra, Carmen de; Losa-Iglesias, Marta Elena; Dias, Adriano; Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, Ricardo; Silva-Migueis, Helena; Cardoso, Paola; López-López, Daniel; Gómez-Salgado, Juan (Frontiers, 2023-07-05)
    [Abstract] Objectives: Depression is a condition that can be associated with other illnesses, especially chronic illnesses. Lower limb lymphedema is a chronic, disabling condition that can affect the quality of life and ...

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