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  • Exploring the role of the left DLPFC in fatigue during unresisted rhythmic movements 

    Vila Villar, Aranza; Naya-Fernández, Mariña; Madrid, Antonio; Madinabeitia-Mancebo, Elena; Robles-García, Verónica; Cudeiro, Javier; Arias, Pablo (Wiley, 2022-04-16)
    [Abstract] Understanding central fatigue during motor activities is important in neuroscience and different medical fields. The central mechanisms of motor fatigue are known in depth for isometric muscle contractions; ...
  • Prevalence of Fatigue and Associated Factors in a Spinal Cord Injury Population: Data from an Internet-Based and Face-to-Face Surveys 

    Cudeiro-Blanco, Javier; Onate-Figuérez, Ana; Soto-León, Vanesa; Avendaño-Coy, Juan; Mordillo-Mateos, Laura; Brocalero-Camacho, Ángela; Esclarín-Ruz, Ana; Rotondi, Mario; Aguilar, Juan; Arias, Pablo; Oliviero, Antonio (Mary Ann Liebert, 2017-08-01)
    [Abstract] Fatigue has a profound impact on patients with spinal cord injury (SCI), but only limited treatments are available. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of fatigue in SCI and its association ...
  • The mechanistic foundation of Weber’s law 

    Pardo-Vázquez, José L.; Castiñeiras-de Saa, Juan R.; Valente, Mafalda; Damiao, Iris; Costa, Tiago; Vicente, M. Inés; Mendonça, André G.; Mainen, Zachary F.; Renart, Alfonso (Nature, 2019-08-12)
    [Abstract] Although Weber's law is the most firmly established regularity in sensation, no principled way has been identified to choose between its many proposed explanations. We investigated Weber's law by training rats ...
  • Hyperthermia-Induced Changes in EEG of Anesthetized Mice Subjected to Passive Heat Exposure 

    Labra, Carmen de; Pardo-Vázquez, José L.; Cudeiro Mazaira, Francisco Javier; Rivadulla, Casto (Frontiers, 2021-09-09)
    [Abstract] Currently, the role of hypothermia in electroencephalography (EEG) is well-established. However, few studies have investigated the effect of hyperthermia on EEG, an important physiological parameter governing ...
  • State-dependent geometry of population activity in rat auditory cortex 

    Kobak, Dmitry; Pardo-Vázquez, José L.; Valente, Mafalda; Machens, Christian K.; Renart, Alfonso (eLife Sciences, 2019-04-10)
    [Abstract] The accuracy of the neural code depends on the relative embedding of signal and noise in the activity of neural populations. Despite a wealth of theoretical work on population codes, there are few empirical ...

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