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  • Machine Learning Based Moored Ship Movement Prediction 

    Alvarellos, Alberto; Figuero, A.; Carro Fidalgo, Humberto; Costas Gómez, Raquel; Sande, José; Guerra, Andrés; Peña, Enrique; Rabuñal, Juan R. (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] Several port authorities are involved in the R+D+i projects for developing port management decision-making tools. We recorded the movements of 46 ships in the Outer Port of Punta Langosteira (A Coruña, Spain) ...
  • Random Forest-Based Prediction of Stroke Outcome 

    Fernández-Lozano, Carlos; Hervella, Pablo; Mato-Abad, Virginia; Rodríguez-Yáñez, Manuel; Suárez-Garaboa, Sonia; López Dequidt, Iria Alejandra; Estany-Gestal, Ana; Sobrino, Tomás; Campos, Francisco; Castillo, José; Rodríguez-Yáñez, S; Iglesias Rey, Ramón (Nature Research, 2021)
    [Abstract] We research into the clinical, biochemical and neuroimaging factors associated with the outcome of stroke patients to generate a predictive model using machine learning techniques for prediction of mortality and ...
  • Study of Temporal Variations of Equivalent Black Carbon in a Coastal City in Northwest Spain Using an Atmospheric Aerosol Data Management Software 

    Piñeiro-Iglesias, María; Andrade-Garda, Javier; Suárez-Garaboa, Sonia; Muniategui, Soledad; López-Mahía, P.; Prada-Rodríguez, Darío (MDPI AG, 2021-01-07)
    [Abstract] Light-absorbing carbonaceous aerosols (including black carbon (BC)) pose serious health issues and play significant roles in atmospheric radiative properties. Two-year measurements (2015–2016) of aerosol light ...
  • Senolytic Activity of Small Molecular Polyphenols from Olive Restores Chondrocyte Redifferentiation and Promotes a Pro-Regenerative Environment in Osteoarthritis 

    Varela-Eirín, Marta; Carpintero-Fernández, Paula; Sánchez-Temprano, Agustín; Varela Vázquez, Adrián; Luis Paíno, Carlos; Casado-Díaz, Antonio; Calañas Continente, Alfonso; Mato-Abad, Virginia; Fonseca, Eduardo; Kandouz, Mustapha; Blanco, Alfonso; Ramón Caeiro, José; Mayan, Maria D. (Impact Journals LLC, 2020-08-03)
    [Abstract] Articular cartilage and synovial tissue from patients with osteoarthritis (OA) show an overactivity of connexin43 (Cx43) and accumulation of senescent cells associated with disrupted tissue regeneration and ...
  • A data mining approach for classification of orthostatic and essential tremor based on MRI‐derived brain volume and cortical thickness 

    Benito‐León, Julián; Louis, Elan D.; Mato‐Abad, Virginia; Sánchez‐Ferro, Alvaro; Romero, Juan P.; Matarazzo, Michele; Serrano, J. Ignacio (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019-11-26)
    [Abstract] Objective - Orthostatic tremor (OT) is an extremely rare, misdiagnosed, and underdiagnosed disorder affecting adults in midlife. There is debate as to whether it is a different condition or a variant of essential ...

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