Recent Submissions

  • The expressive function in wor songs 

    López Palma, Helena (2016)
    [Abstract] We study some musical and expressive features of traditional Wor vocal music, an ancestral gender of the Biaks (Indonesia). A core aspect in Wor songs is the expression of wonder, which Biaks have developed into ...
  • The Descent of Man 

    López Palma, Helena (Universidadeda Coruña, 2009)
    [Abstract] The DM is a sonic simulation of the origin and evolution of human language inspired in Darwin’s ”The Descent of Man” (1871) and his conjectures on the evolution of hominid species descendant of ancestral homo. ...
  • Voice Prints 

    López Palma, Helena (Universidade da Coruña, Servizo de Publicacións, 2017)
    [Resumen] La composición Voice Prints es un homenaje a nuestros antepasados y a las lenguas que emplearon para extender en bastos dominios grandes civilizaciones. ¿Ubi sunt? ¿Dónde están ahora nuestros poderosos antepasados? ...