Recent Submissions

  • Improved Compressed String Dictionaries 

    Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Cerdeira Pena, Ana Belén; De Bernardo Roca, Guillermo; Navarro, Gonzalo (ACM, 2019-11-03)
    [Abstract] We introduce a new family of compressed data structures to efficiently store and query large string dictionaries in main memory. Our main technique is a combination of hierarchical Front-coding with ideas from ...
  • Design of Mutation Operators for Testing Geographic Information Systems 

    Alvarado, Suilen H. (M D P I AG, 2019-08-06)
    [Abstract] In this article, we propose the definition of specific mutation operators for testing Geographic Information Systems. We describe the process for applying the operators and generating mutants, and present a case ...
  • Navigational Rule Derivation: An algorithm to determine the effect of traffic signs on road networks 

    Galaktionov, Daniil; Luaces, Miguel R.; Places, Ángeles S. (2016-11-17)
    [Abstract] In this paper we present an algorithm to build a road network map enriched with traffic rules such as one-way streets and forbidden turns, based on the interpretation of already detected and classified traffic ...
  • A new method to index and store spatio-temporal data 

    Bernardo Roca, Guillermo de; Casares, Ramón; Gómez Brandón, Adrián; Paramá, José R. (2016-11-16)
    [Abstract] We propose a data structure that stores, in a compressed way, object trajectories, which at the same time, allow to efficiently response queries without the need to decompress the data. We use a data structure, ...
  • Compact Trip Representation over Networks 

    Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Fariña, Antonio; Galaktionov, Daniil; Rodríguez, M. Andrea (Springer, 2016-09-21)
    [Abstract] We present a new Compact Trip Representation ( CTRCTR ) that allows us to manage users’ trips (moving objects) over networks. These could be public transportation networks (buses, subway, trains, and so on) where ...

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