Recent Submissions

  • Succinct Data Structures in the Realm of GIS 

    Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Gutiérrez-Asorey, Pablo; Rodríguez Luaces, Miguel; Varela Rodeiro, Tirso (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have spread all over our technological environment in the last decade. The inclusion of GPS technologies in everyday portable devices along with the creation of massive ...
  • Towards a Semi-Automated Data-Driven Requirements Prioritization Approach for Reducing Stakeholder Participation in SPL Development 

    Limaylla-Lunarejo, María-Isabel; Condori Fernandez, Nelly; Rodríguez Luaces, Miguel (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] Requirements prioritization (RP), part of Requirements engineering (RE), is an essential activity of Software Product-Lines (SPL) paradigm. Similar to standard systems, the identification and prioritization of ...
  • Tool for SPARQL Querying over Compact RDF Representations 

    Ramos-Vidal, Delfina; Bernardo, Guillermo de (MDPI, 2021)
    [Abstract] We present an architecture for the efficient storing and querying of large RDF datasets. Our approach seeks to store RDF datasets in very little space while offering complete SPARQL functionality. To achieve ...
  • An Efficient Representation of Enriched Temporal Trajectories 

    Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Fariña, Antonio; Otero-González, Diego; Varela Rodeiro, Tirso (SciTePress, 2021)
    [Abstract] We present a novel representation of enriched trajectories of a mobile workforce management system. In this system, employees are tracked during their working day and both their routes and the tasks performed ...
  • Exploiting Computation-Friendly Graph Compression Methods for Adjacency-Matrix Multiplication 

    Francisco, Alexandre P.; Gagie, Travis; Ladra, Susana; Navarro, Gonzalo (IEEE Computer Society, 2018-03)
    [Abstract] Computing the product of the (binary) adjacency matrix of a large graph with a real-valued vector is an important operation that lies at the heart of various graph analysis tasks, such as computing PageRank. In ...

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