Recent Submissions

  • The Coruña Corpus Tool: Ten years on 

    Barsaglini Castro, Anabella; Valcarce, Daniel (Sociedad Española para el Procesamieno del Lenguaje Natural, 2020-03)
    [Resumen] En este artículo presentamos una breve introducción a una nueva versión del Coruña Corpus Tool. Actualmente disponible para Windows, macOS yLinux, el Coruña Corpus Tool es una herramienta de gestión de corpus que ...
  • MuStE: the Dimensions of Linguistic Research at UDC 

    Moskowich, Isabel; Crespo, Begoña (Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos (Aedean), 2019)
    [Abstract] MuStE stands for Research Group for Multidimensional Corpus-based Studies in English. Of course, it is also an old-fashioned form of the verb must, which may reflect some of the characteristics of the people ...
  • “Arguments That Could Possibly Be Urged”: Modal Verbs and Tentativeness in the Coruña Corpus 

    Moskowich, Isabel; Crespo, Begoña (2019-07-22)
    [Abstract] This paper complements previous research into the late Modern English scientific writing uses of the adverbs possibly and perhaps as manifestations of either subjectivity or intersubjectivity, as presented in ...
  • Patterns of english scientific writing in the 18th Century: adjectives and other Building-blocks 

    Moskowich, Isabel (John Benjamins, 2012)
    [Abstract] It is often claimed that the written register tends to reflect a nominal style, in which nouns, phrases and adjectives abound, whereas a verbal style, containing higher proportions of verbs, complement clauses ...
  • CETA as a tool for the study of Modern Astronomy in English 

    Moskowich, Isabel (John Benjamins, 2012)
    [Abstract] Modern culture can be said to depend on writing to such an extent that if scientific knowledge is not written it simply does not exist (Hyland, 1998). It is easy to observe, when glancing through any more or ...

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