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    • Net-net Auto machine learning (AutoML) prediction of complex ecosystems 

      Barreiro, Enrique; Munteanu, Cristian-Robert; Cruz-Monteagudo, Maykel; Pazos, A.; González-Díaz, Humberto (Nature, 2018-08-17)
      [Abstract] Biological Ecosystem Networks (BENs) are webs of biological species (nodes) establishing trophic relationships (links). Experimental confirmation of all possible links is difficult and generates a huge volume ...
    • Net-Net AutoML Selection of Artificial Neural Network Topology for Brain Connectome Prediction 

      Barreiro, Enrique; Munteanu, Cristian-Robert; Gestal, M.; Rabuñal, Juan R.; Pazos, A.; González-Díaz, Humberto; Dorado, Julián (MDPI, 2020-02-14)
      [Abstract] Brain Connectome Networks (BCNs) are defined by brain cortex regions (nodes) interacting with others by electrophysiological co-activation (edges). The experimental prediction of new interactions in BCNs ...