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  • Comprehensive analysis of clinical data for COVID-19 outcome estimation with machine learning models 

    Iglesias Morís, Daniel; Moura, Joaquim de; Marcos, Pedro J.; Rey, Enrique; Novo Buján, Jorge; Ortega Hortas, Marcos (Elsevier, 2023-07)
    [Abstract]: COVID-19 is a global threat for the healthcare systems due to the rapid spread of the pathogen that causes it. In such situation, the clinicians must take important decisions, in an environment where medical ...
  • Automorphism groups of Cayley evolution algebras 

    Costoya, Cristina; Muñoz, Vicente; Tocino, Alicia; Viruel, Antonio (Springer, 2023-03-08)
    [Abstract]: In this paper we introduce a new species of evolution algebras that we call Cayley evolution algebras. We show that if a field k contains sufficiently many elements (for example if k is infinite) then every ...
  • Weakly-supervised detection of AMD-related lesions in color fundus images using explainable deep learning 

    Morano, José; Hervella, Álvaro S.; Rouco, J.; Novo Buján, Jorge; Fernández-Vigo, José Ignacio; Ortega Hortas, Marcos (Elsevier Ireland Ltd, 2023-02)
    [Abstract]: Background and Objectives: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative disorder affecting the macula, a key area of the retina for visual acuity. Nowadays, AMD is the most frequent cause of blindness ...
  • Context encoder transfer learning approaches for retinal image analysis 

    Iglesias Morís, Daniel; Hervella, Álvaro S.; Rouco, J.; Novo Buján, Jorge; Ortega Hortas, Marcos (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-01)
    [Abstract]: During the last years, deep learning techniques have emerged as powerful alternatives to solve biomedical image analysis problems. However, the training of deep neural networks usually needs great amounts of ...
  • Repeatability of choriocapillaris flow voids by optical coherence tomography angiography in central serous chorioretinopathy 

    Fernández-Vigo, José Ignacio; Moreno-Morillo, Francisco Javier; López-Varela, Emilio; Novo Buján, Jorge; Ortega Hortas, Marcos; Burgos-Blasco, Barbara; López-Guajardo, Lorenzo; Donate, Donate (Public Library of Science, 2022-12-16)
    [Abstract]: Purpose: To assess the repeatability of flow signal voids (FSV) measurements of the choriocapillaris (CC) and choroid (CH) in central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) by Swept-Source optical coherence tomography ...

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