Recent Submissions

  • Design of a Fog Computing, Blockchain and IoT-Based Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for Crowdsourcing mHealth 

    Fernández-Caramés, Tiago M.; Fraga-Lamas, Paula (M D P I AG, 2018-11-14)
    [Abstract] Diabetes Mellitus, usually called only Diabetes, is a worldwide chronic metabolic disorder that is characterized by abnormal oscillations in blood sugar levels. Such levels should be monitored by diabetes patients, ...
  • Image Transmission: Analog or Digital? 

    Balsa González, José Francisco; Domínguez Bolaño, Tomás; Fresnedo Arias, Óscar; García-Naya, José A.; Castedo, Luis (M D P I AG, 2018-09-18)
    [Abstract] Evaluation and comparison of analog and digital wireless transmission systems.
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces for Internet of Things 

    Laport, Francisco; Vázquez Araújo, Francisco Javier; Castro-Castro, Paula-María; Dapena, Adriana (M D P I AG, 2018-09-17)
    [Abstract] A brain-computer interface for controlling elements commonly used at home is presented in this paper. It includes the electroencephalography device needed to acquire signals associated to the brain activity, the ...