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  • Service-Learning methodology to develop Bachelor’s Thesis in Information and Computer Science Degrees 

    Castro-Castro, Paula-María; Fresnedo, Óscar; Dapena, Adriana; Pereira-Loureiro, Javier; Vázquez Araújo, Francisco Javier (PKP Publishing Services Network, 2024)
    [Abstract]: Service-Learning (SL) is a powerful methodology to acquire competences and values in Higher Education. However, there is still no widespread use in Information and Computer Science (ICS) degrees where most of ...
  • A comparative study of STBC transmissions at 2.4 GHz over indoor channels using a 2 × 2 MIMO testbed 

    Ramírez García, David; Santamaría, Ignacio; Pérez Arriaga, Jesús; Vía, Javier; García-Naya, José A.; Fernández-Caramés, Tiago M.; Pérez-Iglesias, Héctor J.; González-López, Miguel; Castedo, Luis; Torres-Royo, José M. (Hindawi, 2008)
    [Abstract]: In this paper we employ a 2 × 2 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) hardware platform to evaluate, in realistic indoor scenarios, the performance of different space-time block coded (STBC) transmissions at ...
  • Blind channel identification in Alamouti coded systems: a comparative study of eigendecomposition methods in indoor transmissions at 2.4 GHz 

    Pérez-Iglesias, Héctor J.; García-Naya, José A.; Dapena, Adriana; Castedo, Luis; Zarzoso, Vicente (Wiley, 2008)
    [Abstract]: This paper focuses on blind channel estimation in Alamouti coded systems with one receiving antenna working in indoor scenarios where the flat fading assumption is reasonable. A comparative study of several ...
  • Evaluation of H.264/AVC over IEEE 802.11p vehicular networks 

    Rozas-Ramallal, Ismael; Fernández-Caramés, Tiago M.; Dapena, Adriana; García-Naya, José A. (SpringerOpen & European Association for Signal Processing, 2013)
    [Abstract]: The capacity of vehicular networks to offer non-safety services, like infotainment applications or the exchange of multimedia information between vehicles, have attracted a great deal of attention to the field ...
  • Real-time multimedia coding and transmission 

    García-Naya, José A.; López-Granado, Otoniel; Dapena, Adriana; Marcellin, Michael W; Cruz-Chavez, Marco (SpringerOpen & European Association for Signal Processing, 2013)
    [Abstract]: This paper sums up relevant topics covered by the special issue titled ‘Real-Time Multimedia Coding and Transmission’, including efficient content representation, multimedia transmission, hardware and software ...

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